Gymnastics Classes

Building Strength and Confidence

Find the Perfect Class to Fit your Child's Gymnastic Age & Skill!

Tumblekids' parent/child class introduces young toddlers to the gym atmosphere with a balance of guided learning time and free play time. Parents or caretakers participate with their child and help guide them through brightly colored obstacle courses and learn tips for spotting and cuing small children. 

Bugs classes include 30 minutes of instruction followed by 10 minutes of free play.

New to our program this year, this class has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of a growing 2.5+ year old! While this is not formally a "grown-up & me" it is the bridge to independent an class. Parents are welcome to participate as much or as little with the understanding that the goal is for their child to begin participating in the class independently under the instructors guidance. We aim to get each and every child acclimated to the gym to be able to comfortable attend class on their own!

Bears I classes include 35-40 minutes of instruction followed by 5-10 minutes of free play.

Tumble Bears II is a fun and playful introductory gymnastics class for independent preschoolers! Specially designed pre-school equipment is used to teach basic skills such as rolls, handstands and baby cartwheels.

Bears II classes include 40 minutes of instruction followed by 5 minutes of free play.

Through fun obstacle courses and a gymnastics-based set-up, Tumblekids will work on beginner gymnastics skills while building strength, confidence and endurance!

Kids classes include 50 minutes of instruction followed by 5 minutes of free play.

Our co-ed beginning classes for students 6-14, split up for students to participate in classes with other children their age who have no or a smaller amount of gymnastics experience. This class explores beginner gymnastics with a focus on cartwheels, handstands and other basic gymnastics skills with a big emphasis on FUN! Strength, flexibility and proper skill development are taught using all of apparatuses.

Beginner classes include 55-60 minutes of instruction followed by 0-5 minutes of free play.

Our Gym Stars Intermediate class explores advanced beginner and intermediate gymnastics for students who have demonstrated mastery of skills taught in beginner-level classes with correct form and with an elevated level of body awareness. We will work on skills like handstands, roundoffs, backbends, kickovers, and more advanced drills and skills on all apparatuses.

This class will continue to work on strength, flexibility and skill development as well as begin to create and learn routines. Class Pre-Requistive & teacher recommendation/evaluation is equired. Please email Tumblekids to schedule an appointment for a skills assessment.

Beginners to more advanced athletes are all welcome! We are excited to offer adult gymnastics fun for recreational athletes with no experience necessary!

Saturdays 1-2:30
$20/ cash or venmo