Gym Cheerleading Policies, Rules, and Expectations

Rules and Expectations

  • Arrive on time! We need to get the most out of every practice and that means that all athletes must arrive on time ready to cheer.
  • Hair up and out of the athlete's face.
  • No jewelry, if we are stunting jewelry can become dangerous, or break
  • No phones out, Cheerleaders may have their phones with them, but it needs to be left in their bags unless on a break or given other permission.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE...No arguing and no talking back to other athletes or coaches. Athletes should come to practice with a POSITIVE attitude and ready to listen.
  • FOCUS...Cheerleading is a tough sport and can be dangerous if not focused or taken seriously.  
  • Coaches have the final say.

Practice Necessities

  • Water bottle! Please have your cheerleader bring a large water bottle; we will run through routines constantly at points and it does get tiring.

Practice Attire

  • Shorts, yoga style pants, or leggings (no jeans or khakis)
  • Tee shirt or tank top (nothing too baggy) 
  • Athletic sneakers..must lace up (no vans, converse, flip flops, etc.)
  • Sports bras are okay to wear as long as it is a “sports bra” - no regular bras or bralettes will be acceptable
  • Hair ties, including extra ones in case one breaks

Withdrawal Fee

  • Early withdrawal fee of $99 will apply for those who have made a team commitment and withdraw early. Cheerleading is a team effort and not seeing through a commitment has a large negative impact on teammates.

Cheerleading and Gymnastics

  • Your athlete will be able to be on the Tumblekids Watertown gymnastics team and Tumblekids cheer team as our practices and competitions will not conflict! So, we encourage the athletes to do both if they want! We will work with you on your practice schedule.