Gym Policies

Gym policies effective from November 2022

Please read the important policy information below on Covid-19, registration, payment, withdrawal, and general gym policies. If you have any further questions please let us know at

In general, our schedule and policies will closely follow those of Watertown Public Schools. This applies in cases of vacation weeks, weather closures, holidays, and Covid-19 procedures.

COVID-19 Updates and Policies  

Tumblekids is committed to keeping our community safe and healthy

We closely monitor and adhere to the recommendations and guidelines provided by the Watertown Board of Health and the CDC, as well as Watertown Public Schools. Please see the below information on our policies to keep all students and families in our gym safe!

Due to Covid-19 precautions, we do not allow trial, drop-in, or make-up classes for new or existing students. All classes run on an advanced-sign-up-required basis as we must have a thorough record of students who interact with one another and with our instructors.

Please limit time in lobby. We encourage students to be dropped off and picked up at our garage door to avoid masses of people gathering in our small lobby.

Vaccination and Masking Policies
We recommend any student who is fully vaccinated have a photo of their vaccination card on record in Sawyer. While this is not mandatory at this time, this may help us make future masking decisions if local Covid numbers change. You can do so by following these instructions.

Our future mask policies overall will continue to be closely related to our student body vaccination rate, will always be in accordance with CDC and Watertown Board of Health recommendations or more precautionary, and in part due to the expressed comfort of our gymnastics community. Our mask policy is subject to change on a class-by-class basis because of this.

For students experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever/chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue with muscle/body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Upset stomach

Please stay home. If a child comes to class coughing excessively, whether or not the child is experiencing any other symptoms, they will be asked to wear a mask.

Basic Health and Safety Policies

Drop-offs and Pickups

  • We prefer all students are dropped off and picked up from the facility. Drop off no more than 15 mins prior to class start time and pick up promptly at the end of class time. Staff will be with children at all times from drop off to pick up. We ask students to leave through our garage door when weather allows it to be open.


  • We regularly clean all of our equipment and our gym, but for use throughout each day, we will ask students to hand sanitize or wash their hands regularly.

Close Contacts

  • We take attendance and have a record of all students attending classes and events and will utilize this information to reach out to families immediately if we identify their student(s) may have been in close contact with someone who tested positive within 24 hours of being in class.

Symptomatic Students

  • We reserve the right to ask a student exhibiting any symptoms to sit out for the rest of class and will contact a family member immediately to ask for them to be picked up early. To prevent this, please keep your students home if they exhibit any signs of illness. If your student has been out of school ill, please keep them home from gymnastics for at least one full day after they return to school due to the close-contact nature of class and for their wellness of not over-exerting themselves during recovery.

Closure Policies

Emergency Gym Pandemic closures including that of Tumblekids Watertown and similar businesses in MA was a massive shock that dimmed the future for our business. Tumblekids Watertown is thankfully still here but will not be able to absorb many more hits. We cannot keep doors open with zero revenue coming in and still survive. Therefore, the following Pandemic Tuition Policy will be in effect as we move forward effective immediately. .

Should Tumblekids Watertown be forced to close either by a government entity or by a reasonable decision by the owner made to protect the safety and well being of our students, their families and our staff, the following policy will be enforced:

  1. Practices will immediately transition to zoom, and we will do our best to make up live classes upon reopening. No refunds or credits on tuition will be provided for the remainder of any month during which the gym is forced to close.
  2. Should a continuous shut down extend into a second month the gym will process tuition with a 25% reduction and continue online training.
  3. Should the shut-down extend into additional months no tuition will be automatically collected but we will offer continued online training on a fee basis of your choosing. We will then charge pro-rated tuition starting the week we commence practice in the gym!

Membership Fees and Program Policies

All registrations must be done online at

A class requires a minimum of three students to run. If a class is under-enrolled, we will refund the tuition in full but would be happy to work with you to find another convenient class time for enrollment.

Registration is rolling and on-going; we do not have start and end dates to our sessions, so new students are welcome to join in most recreational classes at any point throughout the program year!

Registration for most of our programs and all of our classes require a non-refundable, annual membership, which has a fee of $50 per program year.* This is a once-annual fee per family and will not be charged again if siblings are enrolled, or if a student takes a break several months then returns to class.

The recreational program year is September 2022 - June 2023.

*Early Bird Registration deal - for September 2022 classes, the $60 registration fee for your membership will be waived from May 15-June 5, 2022! After June 5th all clients will be charged the $60.00 registration fee.

Registration and Withdrawal Policies

At the time of initial registration, a membership fee (if applicable and not yet paid for) and the first month's payment will charge immediately. Therefore, September monthly tuition is charged at the time that you register for September program start. Students who choose to enroll into available classes at a later start date will be immediately charged the prorated cost of the remaining classes in of the month. Initial sign up is the ONLY month that may be subject to proration.

Our monthly prorated tuition reflects school vacation week closures, holiday closures, snow day closures, and missed classes due to illness.

Once enrolled in a class, your enrollment renews automatically monthly and you will be continually enrolled for the remainder of the program year. Monthly billing will auto-charge on the 1st of the month unless we are notified via this withdrawal form by the 25th of the previous month of intent to withdraw.

Monthly tuition is non-refundable.

Any accounts not paid in full by the 1st of the month will result in your student being dropped from his or her class and a reinstatement fee of $25.00 will be charged prior to re-enrolling.

Any declined credit cards will incur a fee of $5.00. This fee will become $25.00 for any payment that is late or is unable to be processed through after the 2nd of the month.

Please note that team billing and team commitment withdrawal policies differ. Please see the bottom of this page for more information.

Make-up Class Policy

We do NOT offer make-up classes based on our already prorated monthly class tuition.

In the event we have more than one snow day in a month, we will issue your Sawyer account a $15.00 gift card that can be used on your next month's tuition or a future special event.

In the rare instance of missed classes due to severe injury or health concerns, we will discuss options on an individual basis.

Class Pricing

Prices are listed below - please note that the prices are reflective of proration for the assumption of illness, days away, etc.:

40 minute classes: $89

45 minute classes: $100

55 min classes: $116

60 minute classes: $130

75 minute classes: $142

Fun Days/Kids Night Out/Clinics/Events

Fun days, fun nights, clinics and other special events are billed at the time of enrollment and are non-refundable. Non members will be charged a registration fee of $15.00 per event.


Like all sports and physical activities, gymnastics and use of gymnastics equipment holds a risk for injury, including minor bumps and bruises and more serious injuries like broken bones and head injuries. New student registration requires a signed acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability and a class enrollment form. These forms MUST be done online at the time of registration!

Child will not be allowed to participate in any of our events or activities until such forms are completed and turned into the office.

Attire and What to Bring to Class

We recommend a leotard with optional shorts and/or tights or leggings, or for our beginner classes, a snug t-shirt and shorts. No skirts, dresses, jeans, zippers, baggy clothes or jewelry/fit bits are allowed.

We require all children to have their mid-sections covered and therefore do not allow 2-piece leotards. All children should be barefoot in the gym.

Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied back in a hair elastic.

Students must bring their own water bottle to and from class, which they are welcome to refill as many times as they need. We do not provide water bottles or cups for water as it is not sustainable.

Nut Free Zone!

We have a large number of children with severe nut allergies, including potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. Complete avoidance of peanut butter and nut products is the only way to prevent these children from having an allergic reaction. We ask that no type of food containing peanut butter and/or nut products be brought into our facility.

In addition, we have a policy of not sharing food and we request that this be reinforced with your children. As we strive to provide a nut-free environment please recognize that our facilities are used by many people and therefore we cannot guarantee our facilities are completely nut free. We do appreciate all efforts to make our facilities as safe as possible for all who use them.

Team Withdrawal Policy

For our Developmental and Xcel Team Gymnastics:

Membership is year-round commitment - NO EXCEPTIONS. Team tuition is based on 10 month involvement- September- June. The competitive nature of team does not allow athletes to be added to these groups midseason. There is no early withdrawal from team program without penalty. Early withdraw fee -$299. May 1-June 1 is the period in which students may withdraw for the following competitive season with no penalty.

For our All Star Cheer team:

Membership is year-round commitment - NO EXCEPTIONS. Team tuition is based on annual involvement. The competitive nature of team does not allow athletes to be added to these groups midseason. There is no early withdrawal from team program without penalty. Early withdraw fee is $99.

For our Rec Team:

Membership is September-April commitment  - NO EXCEPTIONS. Team tuition is based on ongoing involvement. The competitive nature of team does not allow athletes to be added to these groups midseason. There is no early withdrawal from team program without penalty. Early withdraw fee is $99.