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Team Program is Invitation Only

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Rising Stars Programs

Help your child take his/her first step on the developmental track working towards joining our competitive team. Students who exhibit strength and flexibility, as well as a passion for the sport, will be recommended by their coach for this class.

  • Time: 1 day/week

Team Programs


Tumblekids Watertown offers USA Gymnastics Development Program Levels 1-4 (formerly known as JO) and Xcel team programs for children ages 5-18 years.

The Development Program starts with advanced training classes that teach the fundamental shapes, conditioning, and base skills required for the competitive team tracks. Levels 1-4 are the introductory levels of the compulsory team program, where fundamental skills and routines are put together.

Tumblekids Watertown also offers a great Xcel team program for girls who are looking for an alternative to the strict requirements of the Development Program competition track. This is a great program for those who pursue multiple sports! The Xcel program levels are called Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Recreational Team, our third option, is a commitment that runs September-April only and has only two mandatory but low-pressure fun meets. This is an ideal option for students involved in other competetive sports.

The competitive teams at Tumblekids Watertown are built upon an invitation-only system by our team coaches. They require dedication and determination from an athlete and her family!

Please email us if you would be interested in a team comprehensive evaluation.

All team coaches are safety certified professional members of USA Gymnastics, trained in First Aid, CPR and AED, and stay up to date on technique developments and skill requirements through annual training.

It is the goal of Tumblekids Watertown to provide a SAFE, STRUCTURED, and POSITIVE learning environment, and to provide our technical knowledge to each team member, so that each gymnast can reach their potential.

In order to accomplish this goal, we feel it is necessary to promote a program that instills principles based on hard work, self-motivation, self discipline, and respect for each other. Hopefully, these qualities will carry over into life outside of gymnastics.

Competitive team gymnastics is a year-round commitment.

Early team withdrawal penalty fee is non-negotiably $299.00 ($99 for Recreational Team only) due to upfront costs we incur for athletes. We believe it is important for gymnastics and for life skills to see things through!

Team commitment is June 2024-May 2025 for Development Program and Xcel Team, September-April for Rec Team.