About Us

Building Physical Strength and Self-Confidence!


TumbleKids is committed to giving each child the best gymnastics training possible. Our coaching staff may develop a champion, however, there are other aspects of our training program that we consider just as important. We pledge to give our students sound training and a strong physical advantage. We want them to achieve the intangibles:

Self-Discipline | Self-Confidence | Self-Respect


DeeDee DiCesare


DeeDee has been coaching gymnastics for 20 years and has been at TumbleKids Watertown for 7+ years. DeeDee is the director of all TumbleKids Watertown programs from recreational classes to our highest level of competitive teams. She has had multiple state champions during her time at TKW and is looking forward to many more!

Kelsey Budnick


Kelsey was a gymnast for 15 years at NEGX where she competed through (Junior Olympic) JO level 9. She is a USAG professional instructor and developmental coach. This is Kelsey’s forth year leading the recreational and team programs at TumbleKids. Aside from 10 years of coaching experience, Kelsey has B.S. degrees in Health Science/ Exercise Physiology from Northeastern University. Having gained clinical experience at both Boston Children’s and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, she is specifically passionate about the pediatric population and sports injury prevention. Her favorite event is beam!